PAYE Portal Information Request (April 9th 2020)

In the latest guidance released on the job retention scheme, employers are warned that they each need to have an HMRC PAYE online services account to make their claims for the grant when the online portal is launched at the end of April 2020.

Some clients already have this portal in place and other do not.

We at PWA are working hard to get portals set up for all clients that may wish to claim.

We are requesting validation passwords from HMRC which are being sent to you – the client.
We shall need this information in order to set up the portal so if you receive a letter from HMRC with a PAYE portal validation number can you please ring the office on 01223 830020 or preferably email so you can pass this to us.

These validation codes are time critical so please let us have this code as soon as you receive it before it expires.

HMRC have stated that there will be significant delays for any grant claims where organisations are not already registered for HMRC’s PAYE online services.

Your help here would be much appreciated.